Quintessence Gel Nails

About Us

Our Quintessence product line is the most revolutionary break though in the history of nail care. Quintessence nails care products are the culmination of over 20 years of intense research and development.

The new custom synthesized polymers in Quintessence High Performance Gel Nails Care Products are totally different and superior to other nail care products in every way. Quintessence offers a product with NO harsh chemicals, NO nail damage, NO noxious odors. Our superior adhesion process is a true organic bond that out performs and adheres better than any gel nail or acrylic product available in the nail industry. Quintessence is the most versatile and high performance artificial nail product in the industry today. We have been developing, formulating and manufacturing Gel Nails products for the nail industry for 20 years.

The new Quintessence products out performs all other nail products in every quantitative and qualitative testing category. Our new hybrid polymer products have a 2 year shelf life and will not harden or yellow in the bottle.