Quintessence Gel Nails



QNET Global, and their in-house Chemists have over 20 years of experience developing, formulating and manufacturing Gel Nails for many companies in the nail industry. Over the years we have introduced some of the most innovative products and breakthroughs in the gel nail industry, including:

-First to coin the term "Gel Nails".

-First Surface Cure Gel Nail System.

-First Odorless Gel System.

-First One Step Gel Nails.

-First Hypo-allergenic Gel.

-First Color Gel System.

-First to incorporate Phosphorescent, Thermo chromic and Photo chromic Pigments into Gel Nails Formulations.

-First to achieve 1 minute full surface cure times under a 6 watt Lamp.

-First truly Removable Gel Nails System.

-First to Synthesize Custom In-House Nail Based Resin.

-First to introduce a acid-free hypoallergenic. molecular-coupling primers that work (Protein Primer).

-First to Introduce a Battery Operated 4 Watt Travel System.

-First to prevent and eliminate the growth of fungus, mold and yeast in nail enhancements.

Whether you are a Nail Tech, a Small Salon Owner, a Distributor, an Entrepreneur, or an established company looking for new product lines. QNET Global can formulate a high performance product to your exact Gel Nail specifications.