Quintessence Basic Rules of Gel Nail Application

Quintessence Natural Nail Overlay Directions

Quintessence Gel Nail Trouble Shooting Guide

Quintessence Backfill Directions

Quintessence Gel Nail Tip Application Directions

Quintessence Extension Application Directions

Quintessence French White Nail Gel Application Directions


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Quintessence High Performance Gel Nail Care System is the best products on the market in the nail care industry today. Quintessence Gel Nails represents the latest and greatest in polymer nail gel technology, unlike anything you have used before. This product is a high performance hybrid polymer based nail gel. To optimize the potential of Quintessence Gel Nail Products and to maximize your proficiency in its use, we at Quintessence  suggest that you read this entire Instruction Sheet carefully before applying the product.

Quintessence Gel Nails

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