Quintessence Nails Hyper Finish

HYPER FINISH primary use is for restoring shine without adding thickness to the nail. It is crystal clear and cures under UV light in one minute. Use Hyper-Finish over any of the other polymers listed above. This product is NOT for added strength, just for adding that high shine finish that everyone loves. If you have to buff or file to shape or perfect the existing product on the nail, or to put on nail polish just add a coat of Hyper-Finish to restore the high gloss shine. Hyper-Finish can be put over nail polish once it has dried to keep the polish from chipping and wearing on the free edge.

Do not expose this product to direct UV Light the product will cure. You do not want to sit by a window or halogen light or any UV light source. Product can be affected by temperature changes.

Hyper-Finish is available in 15 gram (0.5 ounce).