Author: Donna Stewart
Subject: Excellent

My name is Donna Stewart my career started 23 years ago and for the last 17 specialized in nails. 4 years ago I came close to quitting because of BAD migraine headaches, as well as dry heaves and this was what my nights would be 3 to 4 times a week. I knew I couldn't keep going on this way.

THEN 3 years ago I was introduced to this Excellent, great, healthier product. I'll be honest, I was real standoffish I have used different products, well known name brands . Looking for THIS PRODUCT and I hadn't found it yet. WELL I HAVE!!!!!!!!! It's QUINTESSENCE, this product is nothing like anything else out there. It can not be compared to ANYTHING in the market. I have been wearing as well as doing my clients with this New Technology for the last 3 years I would quit doing nails before I went back to anything else. I have ALL my own nails for the first time in my life, and so do 98% of all the People I have introduced this GREAT PRODUCT to. And this is why I love working with this Great Company. Working with an Excellent Group who also Believe 100% in this Product. IT DOES ALL IT SAYS IT DOES (PROVIDED YOU FOLLOW ALL THE DIRECTIONS AND DON'T SUB OTHER PRODUCTS).

There is 10 other Techs here and this is all we use in our community. We love it!!!!!!(no more headaches,Migranes). I know there are 1000's of Ladies out there that use/wear this, that would agree with me.

Thank you for this Excellent Product.  A TRUE BELIEVER IN THIS PRODUCT.
Donna Stewart

Author: Marti Kunz
Subject: I love it!

My name is Marti Kunz. I am a licensed Nail Tech and have been using this product on my clients since I began work in 1998. And I love it! I wore acrylics for 8 years and feel that this is a much better product for both myself and my clients. I would quit doing nails before I would ever consider switching back over to acrylics!

Author: Phylis Richman
Subject: Thank you

Pat and I enjoyed your recent presentation so much. It was most interesting and informative. Thank you for introducing us to Quintessence. We feel your product surpasses anything we have ever used on our nails.
Thank you again!
Sincerely, Phylis Richman

Author: Karen Pohly
Subject: Love this product

I just want to let you know how satisfied I am with the Quintessence nail products. Through the last year, because of the chemicals and electric filing done at nail salons, my nails were literally ruined. I was in a vicious cycle of going back just to have decent nails. But, knowing ultimately there would be a time that this would have to end, and I would be left with ruined, ugly nails. On top of that, I am allergic to nail glue, so my options were sculptured nails. (which a lot of places don't do.) or developing a rash. I was just hoping there was another way to go when I came upon your booth at the mall. To make this as brief as possible, all my problems were solved. The product is easy to do, my nails look beautiful the very first time, no smells, which my husband is so happy about. And, no allergic reactions! Also, I'm relieved to not have to file all the nails, which took forever! Now, I can do my nails when it's convenient for me. It's much more cost effective, but most of all, Healthier.
Thank You,
Karen Pohly

Author: Jenean
Subject: Nail Tech

I have been a nail tech for 12 yrs and have never used a product so easy and well made for my clients thank you, thank you, thank you! and the color system is wonderful.



Author: Shirley Sandoval
Subject: Can't take any new clients

I am now at the shop where I first got my start doing nails.  I have a full house and a waiting list a mile long.
Thanks, Shirley Sandoval

Author: Bev Tremayne

This is the first product I have used that actually performs on all of it's promises. Thank you so so much!!!! I can see now that this is going to be a great company to work with!! How refreshing to be able to believe in the honesty and integrity of the people your working with!!! Thank you again!!!!
with much appreciation,